Youth Movements – 2018 summer topic

Politics, economics, justice, environment, music and arts – young people want to have their say! Here are the most influential, creative and inspirational youth movements that our contributors chose to write about!

Tunisian youth: Endless paths

For the past few decades, many movements started forming around the world, giving the youth endless opportunities, helping therefore shape the societies we have today, and the ones we’ll have in the near future. Particularly,...Read More »

The story of Facebook

In February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched his new app, TheFacebook, from his dorm room. After having made other social apps, such as Facemash and CourseMatch, that were not too successful, Mark didn’t have any big expectations for his new website. Mark even stated during a TV interview later on that...Read More »

The Tunisian Youth of the 70's

Let’s be honest. Everyone, during their childhood was told repetitively by his parents that the young people have many opportunities, like clubs and projects, but are still wasting their time doing insignificant things. But have you ever wondered what  the past generation used to do in their spare time...Read More »

The impact of Tunisian Youth

Youth organizations shape our world today, and especially in Tunisia, where many of them try to spread this culture among our potential young leaders. In Tunisia, many youth clubs have emerged and are urging many more to do so. Whether it’s the Interact Clubs, the Youth Clubs, Leo Clubs, or...Read More »

Where are the Girls? – A report from Germany

In German there is only a minor difference between the words “Jugendkultur“ (Youth Culture) and “Jungenkultur“ (Boys Culture). And in fact, it seems as if these two words can be used simultaneously when discussing cultural movements of young people in Germany. Until today boys form the majority of nearly every...Read More »