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A sneak peek into a typical teenager’s day in Tunisia

My daily routine is not very special. Being a student in a high school not-so-far from home, I wake up at 6.30 AM and have my breakfast. It is usually some basisa and milk (basisa is a Tunisian traditional food) or, if I am in a hurry, I would stick...Read More »

Government and Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

“The ultimate authority written into the constitution is not the will of the people, but god, who is
represented by the supreme religious leader.“ (Crash Course World History 226 – Iran’s Revolutions)
The Islamic Republic of Iran is a political heavyweight in the Middle East. It reaches from the CaspianRead More »

A video from women in Saudi Arabia

The hit „Hwages“ by the director Majed Alesa from Saudi Arabia went viral in the last three weeks. It was posted on Youtube on December 23th, 2016 and has already more than 5 million clicks. In the music video, you can see women who...Read More »

What we like from Canada

              Dear world, Canada is not just snow and ice. People like to think we eat poutine, dress in flannel or total denim, and play ridiculous sports like curling. (Okay, we do these things too) Let me blow you mind: Canada has culture! Below...Read More »

What we like from Tunisia

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Ghali is a Tunisian-Italian singer who started rapping in 2014, and became one of the rap icons in Italy. His latest song became the number one hit in Tunisia and Italy.  He released his new song Ninna Nanna one month ago and he already received 17 million views.


Dom Casmurro, by Machado de Assis



This book is a fictional memoir from a distrusting, jealous husband. The narrator, however, is not a reliable conveyor of the story as...Read More »