Women in the US

Drapeau USAccording to many ideas from the past, women are less strong, less important and should stay at home, cooking and raising children. This was, indeed, the role of women in the antiquity. Nevertheless, as the time passed, those ideas have become completely untrue and the role of women in the United States has greatly evolved. The first big step that made the role of women change was the right to vote that they obtained in 1944.

In 1969, women represented only a third of the workers in the US, but now, they represent almost half of them. A lot of women are also involved in politics, for example 20% of the members of the Congress are women. This might seem little, but it is actually a great improvement because there were no women in the  Congress until 1917. In addition to the politics, the role of women in the army also becomes more and more important. Now, all parts of all branches of the military, even combat jobs, are recruiting women. 14% of the members of the army are women and 17% of the navy are also women.

Nonetheless, there are still inequalities between men and women. In average, women in the US are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. As mentioned earlier, women represent 20% of the Congress, despite being half of the population of the US. Thus, the role of women in the US has changed and got a lot better, but some parts can still be improved.

by Hugo B.

Drapeau USAlthough one of the most progressive countries, the United States still comes up short regarding several aspects of women’s rights. As Hillary Clinton is running to be the United States first female president, she is giving part of the portion of women in the country hope, as to these women a female president would embody the great lengths women have gone to to gain freedom and equality in the country. Although major improvements on the situation of women have occurred over the last century, women today still face certain injustices. For instance for every dollar a male employee makes in the United States, a woman only makes 78 cents. A gap several justify by women having to take maternity leaves, the 22 cents are still an unacceptable wage difference for a country that deems one of its core values equality.

Another troubling fact is that for the upcoming 2016 elections a handful of candidates are presenting plans to remove Planned Parenthood or have supported the ruling against Obamacare’s contraception mandate. Many women view this as a violation of their personal right to have control over their own bodies and believe the election of said candidates would be a major step back for women’s rights in the United States. Finally, Clinton is one of the few candidates who plans to take formal action against the growing issue of campus sexual assaults in US colleges by increasing prevention efforts to ensure women may benefit from an education freely without fearing they will become 1 in 4 women to be victim of completed or attempted sexual assaults on a college campus (based on the Campus Safety Magazine). Hillary Clinton is therefore majoritarily gaining support of older female voters by expressing that she “[believes] that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.”

by Lucy J.