Women in France

drapeau france

The situation of women is rather positive in France compared to other countries.Their role have changed through the years. They were submitted to their husband, spending their time at home looking after the children and doing the washing up during centuries. Therefore, their situation did not enable them to take part in the society and to make achievements.

The world wars revealed the role of women. While men were fighting in the battlefield, women were mobilized to deal with the armament. They were very useful, and started to make feminist demonstrations. Women acquired the voting right in 1944, which is quite late, at the end of WW2, thanks to their engagement to win the war.

Today, men and women are totally equal regarding to the law. There are no place where they are not treated equally, in theory. But inequalities still exist, concerning the salaries. Indeed, for the same position, women tend to be less paid than men. The government takes measures to fight this phenomenon. Another inequality is in politics : women only represented 26% of the members of parliament in 2012.

To conclude, the role of women have fortunately changed over the years, and nowadays women contribute, just like men, to the progress of French society.

by Bastien S.