Winter Olympics

How is your country preparing for the winter Olympics? What are the expectations from your country? How many medals did your country win in the last winter games? What is the discipline your country is best at?

France, a country with potential

In the Winter Olympics, France is mostly hyped for its brilliant biathlonist, Martin Fourcade. The 11-times world champion is expected to bring home a gold medal in biathlon, completing his 4 Olympic medal collection.

In the 2014 Winter Olympics, France won a record of 15...Read More »

Winter Olympics in Japan

My mother country, Japan, usually performs really well at the Winter Olympics. Although Japan only won eight medals during the last Winter Games, Japanese athletes are very talented, and are expected to do a lot better this year.

Given the results from last years, I...Read More »

Two American Perpectives

The winter Olympic Games will be on from February 9th to the 25th of the same month in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Sixteen days during which athletes from around the world will have to prove their worth in seven sports and fifteen disciplines, from alpine skiing to luge...Read More »

A Polish Insight

Poland is one of the countries that have never missed the Winter Olympics. From the inception of the Games in 1924, Poland has competed every single time often winning multiple medals.

The discipline Poles are the best at is ski jumping. In Polish, it is often referred to as “flying”....Read More »

What about the UK?

As the world turns its eyes towards Pyeongchang, the UK will experience a rare bout of patriotism. The winter Olympics this year will be attended by 60 athletes competing in events from curling to figure skating. With Team Great Britain’s winter games medal record standing at four...Read More »

Hungary at the Winter Olympic Games!

Hungary has not had great results at the Winter Games, due to its weak geographical capacities (only one mountain higher than...Read More »

The Winter Olympics 2018 – a German perspective

In 2011 the chances were high to have this year’s Olympics in Munich....Read More »