Will the Brexit affect Brazil?


What is the connection between the departure of the United Kingdom of the European Union and Brazilians?

The announcement of the referendum that took the United Kingdom out of the European Union ( EU) affected Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many others originally from the European mainland who live in the UK. It also worried those with a Brazilian dual nationality who have passports from European countries. The reason? They are uncertain about how the UK’s possible exit from the EU would affect immigration laws. Currently they, as European citizens, have the right to live and work in Britain or any other country in the bloc. However, this same issue is one of the main reasons many British support leaving the bloc.

But what will happen to the European Brazilians, if the UK actually leaves the EU?

There are no official estimates on the number of Brazilians who live in the UK with a European passport – and would therefore be potentially affected by the decision. “They are invisible,” says Carlos Mellinger, president of the Brazilian House, an aid organization for migrants. “But we estimate 300,000 Brazilians here. And the ‘ European ‘ is a large percentage,” he adds. “They will not be removed from the country , but may have problems to return , for example, if they decide to stay in Brazil for say two years. Because in this case would be as if they were moving here again,” says the BBC Brazil’s Rob McNeil, who is a spokesman for the organization.

Another issue that concerns Brazilians: How will the new agreements affect those who are married to Europeans?

According to them, the agreement has already been negotiated – it will stay the same if the UK remains in the EU. Yet this means that if Britain decides to leave, non- Europeans (Brazilians, for example) who are married to Europeans will not have the same full rights that they have today. But, according to her proposal, there are not many details.
Djamilly R.