Why are social media so important in Japan?

Today, information processing devices such as phones and computers are widely used in daily life. In Japan, most people, including children, bring these devices wherever they go, and probably wouldn’t be able to spend a day without them.

But why are such devices so important in our lives? Because of social media, that allow people to express themselves in more efficient ways. Instagram is one of the best example to show the impact of social media in Japan. People who take pictures can share them instantly using Instagram, so that people can react to their posts and interact with each other. But, now, social medias are also used in the political world. The President of the United States of America uses Twitter to express his feeling towards Russia and North Korea. This means that his comments on Twitter can affect the world.

Similarly, in Japan, statesman and political advisors use social media as a way of promoting their parties. The Prime Minister of Japan use LINE, which is the most popular social media in Japan, to express himself, as opposed to doing more traditional speeches.

In my opinion, using social media is a very good way of making young people interested and active in their community because teenagers spend a lot of time on them.

by Yuma O.