Where you MUST go in Brazil

  1. São Paulo

SumBra1The city of São Paulo, located in the South-eastern portion of Brazil, is the biggest city in all of South America, with 11 million inhabitants. It is a destination that overflows with culture and remarkable things to see. When in São Paulo, you can visit Parque Ibirapuera, a 1,5 km² park where one can practice multiple kind of sports, visit different Art museums and just enjoy the Brazilian feeling. Some other important cultural scenes are the MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art), the “Light Station”, “Saint-Paul Cathedral”, and several other. Since it is the most important market in South America, it allows tourists to have a very rich culinary experience, you can find just about anything!


  1. Florianópolis

SumBra3Named the best place to live in Brazil, Florianópolis is the capital of the southern state Santa Catarina. It is composed by a main island, small ones around it and the continental area; it has 42 different beaches, being the apple of the eye of many tourism experts. Besides natural beauty, it has a unique and beautiful architecture. Like most Brazilian cities it has an important Cathedral, and besides that, many museums. It is a great place to eat seafood if you are a fan.


  1. Salvador

SumBra4The first capital of Brazil is a city that can’t be missed while visiting the country. Known to have one of the best Carnaval celebrations in the country, Salvador is pure energy. Besides the beautiful beaches, tourists can visit the lighthouse, the market, and the famous Pelourinho, a part of the historical town with stunning and colourful architecture. One of the things tourists tend to get most excited about is to go to the Senhor do Bonfim church and get a colourful bracelet, which they can either tie to the gates of the church or to their wrists. It is believed that when you tie it with 3 knots and make a wish, once the bracelet wears of, your wish will come true.SumBraex2

  1. Foz do Iguaçu

On the Brazilian border with Argentina and Paraguai, Foz do Iguaçu is known for the internationally famous falls, Cataratas do Iguaçu. The falls are composed by 275 waterfalls distributed on 2,7 km of the Iguaçu river; some of the waterfalls reach 82 meters of height. It is said that, when visiting this beautiful site, the former first-lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt cried out “Poor Niagara!”.SumBra5

  1. Rio de Janeiro

SumBra7“A cidade maravilhosa”. The wonderful city, as the Brazilian say, is everything you expect from Brasil. It has the amazing beaches, the joyful people playing soccer at the beach, samba being played on the streets, the most famous Carnaval party. Isn’t it a dream? When in Rio, second capital of the country, besides tanning at Copacabana, you can take the cable car to the Sugar Loaf and see the city from above, at the feet of Christ the Redeemer. Many museums, parks, festivals are available all year long, and SumBra6there’s always something new to see or something different to try. Why not coming on the 2016 olympics and seeing it for yourself.

– by Mila S.