Where do Canadians go during their vacation?


1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a popular destination for both Americans and Canadians, who are able to share this sight from different angles. Previously a popular honeymoon destination for young Canadians, Niagara Falls has developed into a more family-oriented destination, with many new restaurants on Fallsview Boulevard, and museums and an amusement park in the Clifton Hill district.

2. Banff National Park

This park is the oldest in Canada, established in 1885. This park attracts two types of visitors, those who come to take a small refuge from the business of a city, and stay in comfort of the town of Banff, and those looking for an adventure in the wilderness of the park. It is known for its mesmerizing beauty and wide range of outdoor activities, such as skiing, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and bird-watching in the Rockies, and fishing, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and whitewater rafting on Lake Louise.SumCan2

3. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, or “New Scotland” in latin, is one of Canada’s Maritime provinces on the Atlantic. This province is known and loved for its unique stony landscapes, numerous lakes and coastlines, and its marine wildlife. The Bay of Fundy is a notable vacation destination for Canadians travelling in Nova Scotia who enjoy sailing, watersports, and seafood. Indeed, many day cruises are offered for puffin, seal, and whale watching, along with kayaking and canoeing in the bay’s extreme tides. The capital, Halifax, is as picturesque as the province’s landscape, with its star-shaped Citadel, dynamic waterfront, and Victorian-era Gardens.



4. Toronto

Toronto is a very diverse city, with many cultural attractions and well as different ethnic pockets making the city exciting and dynamic. Sometimes called the New York City of Canada, this city holds high-quality live theatre, the famous CN tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, colorful and authentic Chinatown, the internationally-renowned Toronto Film Festival, and many parks to contrast with the downtown cluster of tall buildings and skyscrapers. This city is a popular destination for both the young Canadian traveler, and families thanks to many group-oriented activities.

5. Vancouver Island

SumCan5Vancouver Island, on Canada’s West Coast, is famous for its temperate climate and growing arts community. The island is home to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, and its neo-baroque Parliament Buildings and English-style gardens.The island is a common vacation destination for hiking, biking, camping, and surfing on its coast.

– by Geneviève A.