Hot topics in Politics 2016

Endangered Democracy in Poland

The political world has seen a lot of changes and scandals during last months. One of the most resounding ones is Constitutional Court Crisis in Poland which has sparked international debate on the  condition of democracy in Poland as well as anti- and pro-government rallies....Read More »

A shift in German politics

 People might know Bavaria as a federal state known for the famous Lederhosen and Dirndl, the Oktoberfest and a lot of car factories, but it is also the most conservative region in Germany. The state has been governed by the same party, the CSU (Christian-social Union)...Read More »

Political Crisis in Brazil

In 2016 , Brazil faced a political crisis was also affecting the national economy. Dilma Rousseff , the president of the Workers Party ( PT) , was accused of theft and mismanagement during his tenure for the majority of the population (mainly young students and the middle class...Read More »

US Election Update

Right now, the main political preoccupation in the United States is obviously the presidential elections that will occur in November 2016. As everybody knows, the two candidates for these elections are Hilary Clinton for the democrats and Donald Trump for the republicans. According to Charles Chaput,...Read More »

Hot Topics in Canadian Politics

As the American election slithers closer, Canadians are starting to shiver about the years to come. Canada is uneasy about the state of politics in America because of their proximity and relationship that runs far deeper than merely trade. However, Canadians have always believed in their own parliament system, or...Read More »