What we like – June 1st 2016

BrazilFlagHere are our favorite works of the moment, brought to you from Brazil!



Passarinhos, by Emicida


Dom Casmurro, by Machado de Assis




This book is a fictional memoir from a distrusting, jealous husband. The narrator, however, is not a reliable conveyor of the story as it is a dark comedy. Dom Casmurro is considered by critic Afranio Coutinho “a true Brazilian masterpiece, and maybe Brazil’s greatest representative piece of writing” and “one of the best books ever written in the Portuguese Language, if not the best one to date.”


SOS mulheres ao mar, by Cris D’Amato

The film follows the story of Adriana, which disappointed with the end of her marriage, decides to win back her ex-husband embarking on the same cruise that he is with his new girlfriend, a soap opera star. However, during the trip, they meet new people and discover new ways and solutions to their lives.

– submitted by Djamily R.