What we like from Tunisia

  • Song:

Ghali is a Tunisian-Italian singer who started rapping in 2014, and became one of the rap icons in Italy. His latest song became the number one hit in Tunisia and Italy.  He released his new song Ninna Nanna one month ago and he already received 17 million views.


  • Book:

Tawfik Ben break, a Tunisian author, published his new book الاخوة هاملت in 2016. The book is about violence practiced by the government and is full of blood, pillage, and murder. Tawfik Ben break was inspired by Shakespeare’s dramas.



  • Movie:

Nebek Hedi  ( I love you Hedi) is a Tunisian movie which was released on 14 march 2016 in Tunisia and on 16 February 2016 in Berlin. This drama was nominated for the Golden bear award at 66th Berlin international Film festival.  At Berlin, it won the best first feature award and Majd master (the main character) won the silver bear for the best actor.

by Wiem S.