What we like from Germany


„Tschick“ by Fatih Akin, 2016

The movie “Tschick” has originally been a novel and can now be watched in the cinema.
It is a about a fourteen-year-old boy named Maik, living in a wealthy family.
Although everything seems to be alright the façade is about to crumble.
Being an outsider in school doesn’t make it easier until he gets better acquainted with Tschick the newcomer in his class. The two boys go on a road trip across Eastern Germany with a stolen car and risk to get into trouble…


“Unterleuten” by Juli Zeh, 2016

The story is set in the fictious village Unterleuten in Brandenburg/Germany in the year 2010.
Life is idyllic and peaceful when an investor company intends to settle down in the little village so that the social fabric gets mixed up.
Everybody wants to push through their own interests. Depending on those interests the old-established people and the newcomers in the village are forming an alliance and in the next moment they fall out with each other. The fight has begun…


“Wir sind groß” by Mark Forster

Our song for the European football championship 2016

by Anna Körfer