What we like – July 1st 2016

egyptflagHere are our favorite works of the moment, brought to you from Egypt!



  • Chaos is a movie about a policeman who is feared by and mistreats everyone. Except one girl Nour, who he lusts after, eventually he discovers that she is in love with another man. Filled with anger and envy he turns Nour’s life to a living hell, overusing his power he destroys her life and his life at the same time. This movie is mainly about corrupted policemen who overuse their power.
  • Cairo 678 is a movie about women’s sexual harassment. In the movie, women are sexually harassed in buses or the middle of the street, men use women as objects of desire and not as human beings. Three women are the main victims from different social classes, a poor woman who was harassed in the bus, a middle class woman who was harassed in a stadium although her husband was present and later started a harassment class and finally an upper class woman who gets verbally harassed and physically as she was the first woman in egypt to catch the man and reports him to the police.


Nancy Ajram – Maakoul El Gharam