What does the UK expect of its own elections?

uk flagThe UK definitely expects the general elections to lead to a hung parliament; the country’s current prediction is that there will be no overall majority, but that the Conservatives will be the largest party with 280 seats. Many people affirm the best solution for the nation would be a coalition between the Conservatives and UKIP, arguing this would constitute a firm and stable government, with strong focus on the economy’s progress.

The main rivalry is clearly between the Conservatives and Labour, with their leaders (Cameron and Miliband respectively) constantly attempting to sabotage each others’ manifestos and plans for future Great Britain. It is fair to say that most of the more minor political parties support Labour’s government (aside from UKIP, obviously) and are begging for Ed Miliband’s approval of collaborate anti-Conservative work. Rather arrogantly, he has repeatedly refused such alliances, with the Greens and the SNP notably. He obviously thinks Labour can rule the country on its own without the slightest disaster.

Furthermore, many people are openly expressing their horror at being governed by a Left Wing party, underlining
the paradoxes and absurdities of these parties’ promises. “Ed Miliband should stop “sneering” at wealth creators”, says Lord Jones of Birmingham, who was a minister from 2007 to 2008 in Gordon Brown’s government. Criticising the Labour leader, the former trade minister accuses Mr Miliband of being “ignorant at worst and disinterested at best” about the effects of higher taxes. Lord Jones makes the criticisms in an open letter addressed directly to Mr Miliband, which has gone viral and may well prove critical for the main left wing party.

So, really, we do not know what to expect at all, we can only pray.

-By William H.