What about Tunisia?

After the death of many of the correspondents such as Farhat Hached and the poet Abu Qasim Chebbi, who encouraged the Tunisian people to retrieve his occupied country through his national songs, Tunisians were inspired to stand up to the imposed French colonialism in their country. After a lot of resistance and negotiations on March 20, 1959, Tunisia, which for many years was bleeding for its freedom, finally gained independence. The French soldiers finally came out of Tunisia on October 15, 1963, a day that brought joy to the hearts of the people. Tunisian soil then began to have life again and the bleeding wound began to be healed by many of the dissidents and the biggest monarch, Habib Bourguiba, who became the first president of Tunisia. Through him Tunisia gained a name, authority, and determination to confront and stand up to anyone who tries to touch its security and democracy. Tunisia has won freedom and, by those who advocate for them, the absence of that is something they wish not to return to the legacy of!

by Kamroucha K.