What about Tunisia?

Driving in Tunisia can be compared to driving bumper cars. Indeed, most Tunisians drive in a crazy way, which is generally because they do not wait at the traffic light,thus running a red light, or not paying attention to the traffic and road signs. To put it simply, because of not respecting the regulations, which are normally the same as in other countries, the driving in Tunisia is chaotic.

As the time goes by, the drivers in Tunisia get younger and younger: the actual minimum age to be able to drive is eighteen, but at the end of 2018, a law will allow teenagers over sixteen years old to drive if accompanied by an adult. In fact, this new law has made a splash in the news due to the risk of letting young teenagers drive, despite the presence of an adult.

Regarding the speed limit, it doesn’t vary depending on the region, but depending on the climate: if the weather is dry and the visibility is good, the maximum speed of  the highway is 110 km/h, while during rainy weather it should be 90 km/h. In addition to that, the minimum speed must not be less than 60 km/h in normal traffic. To sum up, driving in Tunisia can be dangerous and risky for some, while normal for others.

written by Beya T. – edited by Myia M.