What about Hungary?

Hungarian elections will be held in April but according to political surveys, the outcome is almost decided. Orbán Viktor, Hungarian prime minister, can prepare to start his third consecutive term in his position.

Hungarian ruling party, FIDESZ, is leading all surveying results with 53%. This astonishingly high popularity is due to two factors: firstly, to the governmental achievements in economy and in handling of the migration crisis; secondly, to the successful propaganda based on topics like migration and the questionable political activity of Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros.

Strongest opposition party is Jobbik, originally located ultraright but now trying to become more moderated. 16% of Hungarian voters would vote for Jobbik, this means that they have almost no chance to be a real opponent to the ruling party, FIDESZ.

Other opposition parties have the following survey results: MSZP 13% (former socialist ruling party, now drowning into its own inner fights), DK 8% (party of former socialist PM Gyurcsány “The Liar” Ferenc), LMP 7% (green party). Smaller liberal parties (Együtt, MLP, Momentum) have a marginal popularity of ~1%.

by Lorinc F.