War in Syria

Introduction by Aditya (from India) and by Adegbola (Nigeria)

Across the globe, reactions to the Syrian Civil War ranged from unconditional support for the government to calls for the government’s dissolution. The Arab league, United Nations, and Western governments in 2011 were quick to condemn the Syrian government's response to the protests–which later transformed into the Syrian Civil War–stating it was overly heavy-handed and violent. Many Middle Eastern governments initially expressed support for the Assad government and its “security measures,” but as the death toll escalated, they sought a rather neutral position, criticizing violence from both the government and protesters. Russia and China vetoed two attempts at United Nations Security Council sanctions against the Syrian government.

The Syrian Civil War is undoubtedly one of the worst crises of our time. The number of innocent civilians suffering, with over 11 million people displaced, and the increasingly dire impact on neighboring countries can seem too overwhelming to understand. But one fact is simple: millions of Syrians need our help, and the more people are aware of the situation, the bigger and better our global response for help will be.

Here are some worldwide article about the issue:

US involvement in Syria

Since 2011, Syria has been engaged in a terrible civil war, in which more than 250,000 Syrian lost their lives. While Russia is allied with the Assad government, the United States is supporting the rebels. Once again, Russia and the US are confronting each other,...Read More »

War in Syria: Germany's role in the crisis

Thousands of children, women, and young men today are trying to escape the devastating conflict in their home country Syria, in hopes of reaching a safe haven in Europe. If you ask their destination, the answer is most frequently Germany. Homeless children hold...Read More »

War in Syria: French position

The actual Syrian armed conflict presents a state of emergency for the whole world, so much that it could trigger a new world war, according to some experts.

That is why France has been involved in the conflict since the beginning of 2011.

French minister...Read More »

UK's position on Syria

The UK will step up with nearly £115 million in additional emergency funding in response to the migration crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron announced on the 23rd of September. This includes funding for the refugees in Europe but also for the Syrians back...Read More »

War in Syria: a Brazilian perspective

In the last couple of weeks, the humanitarian crisis in Syria regained projection in the international press, with waves of refugees leaving the country en route mainly to Europe. The image of a dead Syrian boy on a beach in Turkey became a...Read More »