War in Syria: a Brazilian perspective

BresilIn the last couple of weeks, the humanitarian crisis in Syria regained projection in the international press, with waves of refugees leaving the country en route mainly to Europe. The image of a dead Syrian boy on a beach in Turkey became a symbol of the tragedy.

Despite the distance ─ 10,000 kilometers separating Brazil and Syria, the Brazilian government has maintained a different policy from that of many European countries regarding the Syrian refugees.

About two years ago, the Conare published a rules facilitating the issue of visas to immigrants from that country. Since then, many Syrians are choosing Brazil as a destination to escape from war, persecution and poverty.

 According to sources interviewed by BBC Brazil at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of visas issued per month to Syrian citizens in only one of Brazilian embassies in the Middle East is now four times higher than before the crisis in 2011.

  Brazil is also the country which has granted asylum to the most Syrian refugees in Latin America. In the Americas, it’s only behind Canada ─ which received 2,374 refugees between January 2014 and January this year.

by Gabriela N.