Visit the UK

SumUK11The National gallery: In the heart of the West End, on Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery boasts internationally renowned masterpieces , with a particularly astonishing Renaissance collection including works by Da Vinci. You can make the most of the surroundings by visiting the famous St Martins university, with alumni such as Alexander McQueen), and going to see one of the many musicals (I personally recommend Mathilda over all others).


SumUK20Hampton Court palace : this castle was built by King Henry VIIIth of the Tudor dynasty, famous for institutionalising the Church of England so that he could legally divorce the wives he did not behead. Despite being murderous, he did have wonderful taste, as this palace boasts a magnificent garden with mazes, which are home to an annual flower show in June. The Palace is located in the London suburbs but would have been located in the desolate countryside when it was first built hundreds of years ago. You can visit many rooms in the palace in order to discover the lavish and greedy life of the Tudors. Tour guides are excellent; it’s really worth a trip!


Edinburgh Fringe Festival : each summer, the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh hosts a music and drama festival. Named the fringe as it is located on the “fringe” of a mainstream festival, it is famous for being more alternative, and, paradoxically, it is the most famous of the two. Groups of young actors, musicians and performers put on a show at the fringe every year, and many prominent young people are spotted by agencies. Many universities, typically, send their seaman societies at the Fringe every year. This promotion of youthful talent is very inspiring and exciting. Definitely worth it!

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London eye: Before you take a ride in London’s most iconic attraction, take some time to stroll around it: it’s opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, so take some time to admire these landmarks. Then, take the ride and discover London from an aerial viewpoint. You will see the Thames River snake around from east to west and have the privilege of a panoramic view as you reach the top. Then, when the ride is over, stroll all the way down the south bank, where you will find the London dungeon, a skateboard park, the national theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre! At the stage, crossover architect Norman Foster’s iconic millennium bridge, to St Paul’s cathedral, with its grand, towering dome.


Longleat: The previous attractions mentioned are more for the historians and artsy pantsies, but here is one for those interested in science and wilderness : Longleat safari park is located in Wiltshire. The safari park was the first of its kind anywhere in the world and was considered to be a massive breakthrough in the way in which captive animals were kept, with the animals roaming freely and the visitors in cages (cars). Longleat Safari Park and the concept of safari parks were the brainchild of Jimmy Chipperfield (1912–1990), former co-director of Chipperfield’s Circus. This is a unique experience worth cherishing!


– by William H.