USA: How Brexit Reflects a Shifting Climate

bitcoin us1Last week, a monumental event occurred, leaving the United Kingdom severed from the European Union. The split marks a new era in revolutionary ideas, in which the large masses are calling the shots. An event orchestrated by the people for the people reflects the growing unrest of feelings towards the status quo. Brexit comes at a challenging time for not only Europe but also the American people, as they have a chance to make history in November with the primary election for the president of the United States. The movement shows that anything is possible, and we can’t count on sure bets or certifiable circumstances. Trump has been in the headlines for weeks, piggybacking on one of the fundamental principles of Brexit: immigrant reform. Those in the United Kingdom who participated or voted for the “leave” campaign fostered an undeniable dislike of the influx of immigrants that were “disrupting” their daily routines. Trump is in favor of building walls and barricades in hope of restricting entry for immigrants and encouraging bigotry. As the first candidate who has never held political office, Trump is well known for his sexist and racist remarks targeting minorities and women.
We have to ask ourselves, does a victory for Leave foreshadow a victory for Trump? “They put the United Kingdom first, and they took their country back. With your help, we’re going to do the exact same thing on Election Day 2016 here in the United States of America,” wrote Trump. The commonwealth voted and they are now left to deal with the consequences. However, many voters are condemning their “leave” vote, as former Prime Minister David Cameron steps down, and Britain is stuck searching for a new leader. The backlash after Brexit left many unhappy with their “leave” vote, which could convince voters in the US that Trump is a choice they will later regret. The effects of Brexit will continue to change the landscape of politics in the United States.
by Katherine V.