US primaries seen from France

drapeau franceAccording to the newspaper “Le Huffington Post”, “American electors choose the candidate for whom sun is shining.” In the French point of view, the US are a country of new starts and innovation.

Looking back at the previous campaigns in America, hope has always been a central part of the race. In 1984, Reagan promoted the rebirth of America, while his successor Bush pushed for a “softer” America. Even Barack Obama uses hope, as displayed in his famous poster.

This tendency is over now. In this election, anger, protest and personal attacks are the central concerns of the race.  For instance, Donald Trump uses fear and xenophobia, towards Muslims, Chinese, and Mexicans to name only a few, in order to rally his electors behind a cause. Last November, in Washington, Trump was awarded a round of applause after he called Obama a Muslim spy.

In the democratic party, the situation is similar. Overall, electors are angry: only 13% of the population is confident that the economic situation of their children will be better than theirs. Terrorism, economy, racial tensions, guns and firearms, and immigration are several of the many issues causing concern among voters.

During the 1968 elections, Richard Nixon, a xenophobic Republican, Hubert Humphrey, a Democrat, and George Wallace, a racist independentist, competed for the presidency, and from this three party election Nixon emerged victorious. A common saying is that history repeats itself. This sinister campaign reminds us of something…

by Alex B.