US elections seen from Brazil?

BresilIn February, voters of the Democratic and Republican parties began to vote in each state to decide which presidential candidates should represent the symbols in the election. The primary ending in June, when selected the two candidates now compete with each other. Director of Latin America at the Brookings Institution, one of the main centers of debate and research in Washington, Harold Trinkunas says Democratic politicians tend to be more open to multilateralism, which in theory favors Brazil’s aspirations for more space in international organizations and negotiations. This would be an important difference for Brazil between terms of a Democratic president or a Republican.

Regarding the favorite candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

– Hillary refer indirectly to Brazil in the campaign by stating that ” there is much we can learn from the success of Latin America to elect women presidents.” Besides Brazil, in Latin America have or have had women heads of state Argentina, Chile, Panama and Costa Rica. On a visit to Brazil in 2010, when he was secretary of state government Obama, she criticized Venezuela and said that Caracas should look to Brazil as an example of a successful country.

– Trump, in turn, cited Brazil in the campaign to list countries, he said, take advantage of the United States. But perhaps his proposals that affect more Brazilians are related to immigration. Trump defends deport all undocumented immigrants. According to the Brazilian government, about 730,000 Brazilians are in the US in an irregular situation.

Today, Brazil is totally absent from the debates in Washington, because of the crisis. No longer has a prominent position in the international arena, making it less likely clashes between the country and the United States. But even far, the favorite candidate of Brazilians is being the former first lady Hillary Clinton.

by Djamily R.