US Election Update

Right now, the main political preoccupation in the United States is obviously the presidential elections that will occur in November 2016. As everybody knows, the two candidates for these elections are Hilary Clinton for the democrats and Donald Trump for the republicans. According to Charles Chaput, these elections offer the worst candidates choice in fifty years, and most Americans will not vote for the candidate that they prefer, but for the one that they hate the least. The 2016 presidential election are therefore very unpredictable, because it is hard to decide between two candidates not liked. Nevertheless, the opinion polls are currently in favor of Hilary Clinton, who in leading 45.8 % to 42.2 % (some people decide not to vote for any candidate. But regardless of the winner of the elections, the Americans know that the United States will lose of its greatness by electing one of these two candidates.  

by Hugo B.