UN Day

Canada's Relationship with the United Nations

As a founding member in 1945, Canada has been a vocal member in the United Nations. Following the genocide of Jewish people across Europe in the second world war, countries like Canada felt the need to establish an intergovernmental organization to prevent conflicts, maintain peace, promote human...Read More »

The US and the UN - a close relationship

The United States of America and the United Nations has always, since the UN’s creation, been tightly intertwined. The name of the organization was even coined by an American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and many of the congregations of UN leaders including the UN headquarters are located...Read More »

Guest Article from Afghanistan - The UN and Human Rights

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naim truly believes that in Islamic societies it has been a predominant view that “Human Rights are one of the elements of weatern conspiracy to undermine dignity of Islam.” In my country, the same like many other Muslim communities, many Muslims refer to Yugoslavia, Palestine, Iraq and recently...Read More »

UN Day - Afghanistan

Afghanistan first joined the United Nations in 1946. Since then, the UN and its entities have started working in the country under the mandate of General Assembly and Security Council.
For decades, the United Nations has been the leader of the international community in Afghanistan. Throughout the...Read More »

UN Day - France

 The United Nations has often been criticized for their limited power. They often report and denounce injustices, but can take only limited actions, or sometimes none at all. A good example of this was the invasion of Crimea by the Russian federation. The UN denounced these heinous...Read More »