UN Day – France

france flag The United Nations has often been criticized for their limited power. They often report and denounce injustices, but can take only limited actions, or sometimes none at all. A good example of this was the invasion of Crimea by the Russian federation. The UN denounced these heinous acts and wished to take out sanctions versus Russia. The only issue was that to vote sanctions in the United Nations, you must pass the vote through the Security council. Russia being a permanent member of the security council, they can veto any decision, even if it’s a one to nine decision. This has occurred several times whenever actions were to be taken against Russia, China, or their allies.
However, despite these issues, the United Nations stays popular in France. Mostly due to France’s important role in it today (being one of the five permanent members of the security council). France has also been in accordance with UN decisions in the past, such as the 2003 intervention in Iraq (both UN and France disapproved of an invasion of Iraq). But also in more recent years the military intervention of the UN, in Africa, alongside the French Army in Mali (MINSUMA), Central African Republic (MINSUCA), and currently in sub-Saharan countries (French Operations Serval, Sangaris, and Barkhane respectively).
Moreover, The French people remembers all that the United Nations has done for them. The scars from the first and second World Wars are still fresh in the minds of even the youngest of its people. To them, the United Nations is what stops the World from going to war.
Finally, it is also important to know that the history of the UN is taught from a very positive perspective in French schools. To the French education system, the UN is an example of the unification of all countries for a common cause: peace. Contrarily to the European Union’s, which is taught from a very political standpoint, and is shown in a darker light than the UN.

– by Pierre B.