UK’s position on Syria

uk flagThe UK will step up with nearly £115 million in additional emergency funding in response to the migration crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron announced on the 23rd of September. This includes funding for the refugees in Europe but also for the Syrians back in the Middle East. Why? So that their living conditions are improved meaning they aren’t forced to necessarily migrate to Europe! This is the reason for so huge a funding (second internationally only to that of the United States)! Indeed, there are twice as many internally displaced people inside Syria (7.6 million) as there are refugees in neighbouring countries (4 million) and 20 times more than the number who have sought refuge in Europe.

Meeting basic needs inside the country means that people are not forced to leave to find the help they need, endangering themselves and their families and adding to the growing numbers of refugees in Europe. In addition, £14.5 million in new funding will go to provide assistance and protection in countries from which refugees and migrants are leaving and transiting through, including help for those already in Europe. This is in addition to £2.4 million that the UK is already providing to the Red Cross to deliver food, water, blankets and medical support for refugee families travelling across the continent.

The UK’s contribution in aid for refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey now stands at £1 billion!

On the 14th of September, the Prime Minister visited Lebanon to see for himself how UK aid is helping the most vulnerable people who have been driven from their homes in Syria.

by William H.