Two American Perpectives

The winter Olympic Games will be on from February 9th to the 25th of the same month in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Sixteen days during which athletes from around the world will have to prove their worth in seven sports and fifteen disciplines, from alpine skiing to luge and figure skating.

Four years ago in Sochi, Russia, the United States had finished third in the competition, after Norway and Canada: they had taken home 9 gold, 7 silver and 12 bronze medals. Their best performances were in Freestyle skiing, snowboarding and alpine skiing. Apart from that, they won at least one medal in every discipline they participated in.

A little less than 240 athletes will compete for America this year, coming from all states, even ones like California and Florida. Because the US has placed in the top 5 since 1992, and in the top 3 since 2002, the expectations are especially high for the country.

The recent release of I, Tonya, a movie about the life of Tonya Harding, who was an American figure skater, has brought a lot of attention to the Olympic Games in general. And since we are, after all, talking about the United States here, it is natural to say that the Olympic committee and team have been conducting a huge media campaign, with lots of ads on TV.

The games start in a little less than three weeks, so here’s to wishing a lot of luck to all the athletes!

by Louise V. 



The United States of America is known to be one of the best countries in the Olympics. This year, in Pyeongchang, experts have predicted that the US team could win 29 medals, which would put it at the 4th place among all nations, behind Canada, Germany, and Norway. Overall, the US team has the potential to reach the podium in at most 10 of the 15 disciplines in which they will participate.

These predictions are based on previous Olympics, World Championships and more. During the 2014 Winter Olympics, the US had a disappointing performance of 28 medals overall (2nd place), with 9 gold medals. This was a decrease from the 2010 games, where a record of 37 medals were won by the USA team. This year, the prediction is lower than 2014, as the US isn’t even expected to reach the podium.

Among team USA’s 240 athletes, the one American’s are most excited is Mikaela Shiffrin- a 22-year-old athlete who is said to be the best slalom skier in the world. She already won the gold medal at Sochi, during the 2014 Winter Olympics, and is the three-time World Slalom Champion. The snowboarder Anderson is also expected to do really well in these games. Overall, the US has a promising team for the 2018 Olympic Games.


by Charles B.