Tunisia’s bright future

The international economics conference Tunisia 2020; Road to Inclusion, Sustainability, and Efficiency took place at 29th and 30th of November 2016. This conference is held by the Tunisian, French and Qatari governments. 70 Countries from all over the world participated, including Germany, Canada, Turkey, Algeria, Malaysia, the USA, Switzerland, and France, among many others. Banks and companies worldwide took a part as well. Tunisia 2020 is a development plan based on five pillars:

  • Good governance, public administration reform and anti-corruption measures.
  • Transition from a low-cost country to an economic hub.
  • Human development and social inclusion.
  • Fulfillment of regional ambitions
  • The green economy, a pillar of sustainable development

Tunisia submitted 146 projects for countries, institutions and organizations participated in the conference. 68 of them are public projects, while 45 are private ones and 33 are a partnership between the public and the private sectors. For those, investments cost around 50 billion dollars.

The Conference gained a lot of support from European countries. There will be a lot of investments in the future held and funded by Canada, the European Union, and France, and Arab funds for economic and social development institution. Tunisia has also gotten financial assistance from Qatar ( 1.250 billion dollars), European investment banks ( 2.5 billion dollars) , the European Union ( 407 million dollars) , International banks ( 4 billion dollars), Germany ( 1.3 billion dollars),Turkey ( 500 million dollars), the European bank for constructions and development ( 650 Million dollars), and the African bank for development ( 2 billion dollars).

This support is not only a financial support, but an emotional one as well. All the countries support our revolution and our decision obtain justice and live in a democratic country. We as Tunisians hope that these financial aids will be used in a wise and right way so that by the end of 2020, Tunisia will be a completely different country.

by Wiem S.