Tunisian youth: Endless paths

For the past few decades, many movements started forming around the world, giving the youth endless opportunities, helping therefore shape the societies we have today, and the ones we’ll have in the near future. Particularly, Tunisian youngsters are starting to join these movements, gaining awareness of their importance in their journey of self discovery.

For instance, Leo clubs and Interact clubs are having a really huge impact on the Tunisian youth. More of these clubs are forming every year, thus involving more enthusiastic teenagers who will be the leaders of the future. More precisely, these movements are mainly dedicated to serving the community one lives in. From spending time with the elderly to helping poor kids with affording school supplies, they teach love and compassion, all while giving its members the chance to take on projects and leadership positions. This helps develop the qualities we need for our future CEOs, doctors, teachers and other workers and change makers.

Furthermore, photography clubs are becoming an essential of every region. These do not only teach technical parts of photography, but they also connect aspiring young photographers and patriots who wish to capture the beauty of their dear country with a unique perspective and an artistic touch. And yes, through this, you get to explore your country and develop a deeper love for it, and it is totally beneficial to have people with this passion for their land, to urge them to work harder and improve it.

Last but not least, press and debate clubs are the next big thing. They’re also among the expanding movements in our country, for how big of an impact they do really have. Debate clubs are forming the next generation of public speakers and debaters, people with critical thinking and powerful communication skills; qualities that are necessary nowadays for someone to live effectively and work efficiently within his community. Press clubs fall within the same category, but they add to it by providing people with press related skills ranging from photography to design, and of course writing. It therefore unites talented people and forms them not only in the press field, but in life in general.

The list goes on, with more and more movements shaping the youth of today. Endless opportunities are available, and if you don’t find the one that suits you, create one!

by Firas H.