Tunisian Celebrations

In Tunisia, we receive the new year with special celebration and festivals.  At the beginning of December, people start to think about according to which traditions they will celebrate the new year. Each family places decorations in front of their houses in the streets, the national flag is raised and concerts are held at the Carthage international theater for different artists such as:Saber Rebaï , Nancy Ajram, Lotfi Bouchnak and others…

At the hour 00:00, people tell their friends, loved ones ,and families how much they love them and hope that next year will be a happy year filled with joy and happiness. The children’s celebration is different, as they offer bouquets of roses their elders with a letter wishing peace, mercy and blessings of God for the next year. 🙂 I which you happy new year !!!

by Kamroucha K.