Transportation in the US

Drapeau USEven though a plane the plane Asiana flight 214 just crashed, the plane is the safest mode of transport. The odds of dying are 0.01%. A report from the National Safety Council state that the risk of dying while biking is around 0.02%. For a motorcycle, it is 0.11%. A for a car, it is 0.24%. We can therefore conclude that the plane is the safest way to travel whereas the car is the most dangerous one.

Gas prices are presently around 2.60$ to 2.70$ per gallon, which are very low compared to past years.

Most people use the car in Washington DC because of the way the city and its suburbs are spaced out, but the metro and buses are also frequently used.

The roads in the Washington DC area are relatively safe; the only dangers are the deer that sometime run in front of your car at night and the potholes in the road after the rough winter. Nevertheless, Washington DC is ranked first for worst traffic in the nation, and this can cause numerous accidents.