Transportation around the globe

From the first Automobile to Car2go - Transportation in Germany

Germans love Cars. They have for more than 150 years – since Carl Benz from Karlsruhe invented the first automobile. His brand, Mercedes-Benz, is still one of the most popular car brands in Germany.  National brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW are generally the preferred...Read More »

Transportation in Mexico

Mexico is a very large country, which required many different means of transportation to be installed over time. Although there aren’t many options for travel in the country, the prices depend on the mean of transportation. For example, if you travel on your own in a...Read More »

Transportation in France

In 1814, the project of constructing seven long railways for the transportation of coal first saw the light of day as the brainchild of Napoleon Bonaparte’s chief mining engineer. Ever since, the French transportation network has been built in a star shape; each of its components...Read More »

How we travel here - Ethiopian story!

In our country Ethiopia, we use several different means of transportation. Road and air travel hold the main share. However, even though Ethiopia is a landlocked country, we also use water transportation in certain areas. People who live on the islands of Lake Tana, in the...Read More »

Transportation in the US

Even though a plane the plane Asiana flight 214 just crashed, the plane is the safest mode of transport. The odds of dying are 0.01%. A report from the National Safety Council state that the risk of dying while biking is around 0.02%. For a...Read More »