Illegal Trafficking Worldwide

Illegal flows in France

Illegal trafficking is a problem for every country in the world, but it can take a lot of different forms, which makes it very difficult to fight on an international scale.

In France, illegal trafficking is mostly present under...Read More »

Ivory Coast: Illegal Drugs

Illegal trafficking is one of many pains from which African countries suffer, and Ivory Coast is not exempt from this problem. The country has been wracked with terrible debt...Read More »

Human Trafficking in Germany

A lot is hidden behind Germany’s seemingly clean, white curtains. In an economically prospering nation, criminal activity should be extremely low. And it mostly is. In fact, Germany is under the top 20 of most peaceful nations in the world. Nevertheless, a lot of illegal...Read More »

Illegal flows in the US

Because of the mass shootings that have occurred in the US in the past few years, more than 20 states have passed new laws regarding gun proliferation, but the problem was that these laws were not preventing gun traffickers from obtaining guns. To get around...Read More »

Trafficking: In Brazil

Brazil, for being a large country facilitates trafficking in general, and to the border with many countries offers the most varied piracy and illegal trade in drugs, weapons, bodies and persons. Drug trafficking, for example, is characterized by revenues obtained through the sale of these...Read More »

Illegal money-flow in Switzerland

Known cases of illegal “trafficking” (if you may say so) in Switzerland is cross-border tax evasion. Though it might not sound as severe as drug or human trafficking, it still costs governments around the world a fortune, as one recent event that started a few years...Read More »