Traditions in Ivory Coast

CIVflagThe month of December is particularly festive in Ivory Coast. Indeed, every year since 2011 the capital city of Abidjan has been transformed into a city of light. Everywhere in the city, and especially in its business district, one can marvel at sculptures made of lights. Their role is to announce the fireworks celebrating the New Year.holciv2During this season, Ivorians prepare for the festivities by economizing and planning their spending. Some save up to indulge their family, others to indulge their partners. Abidjan is a city known throughout its sub-region for its nightlife. Each night, overflowing bars and nightclubs set a vibrant tone.

holciv3 With the rising standard of living, more and more Ivorians are leaving Abidjan for a fancier destination, Assinie. This coastal city is where well-to-do families have vacation homes. During end-of-year festivities, the entire upper class is in Assinie, either in hotels or in their own homes, to celebrate among the rich. Jet skis and boats are the predominant means of transportation for traveling from one house to another.

holcivThose staying in Abidjan head for either church or nightclub to revel in the city’s ambiance up until the New Year’s fireworks. Since 2011, the district of Abidjan has been in charge of carrying out a 30-minute fireworks show. This ceremony is live-broadcast on national television. On this occasion, several thousand people also flock to the city to watch the show in person. The Defense Minister has deployed thousands of security officers to ensure the crowd’s protection and to avoid the disaster of 2012.

Luckily, the beginning of 2016 went smoothly, and Ivory Coast is ready to begin a year that will bring it one step closer to emergence.

by Samy N.