Top 5 attractions in the US



1. Arizona and Utah: national parks

You ‘ll see beautiful landscapes, one of the best places to go hiking






2. Forida

Always good weather, beautiful beaches, Florida is the best place to enjoy the sun. For those who like roller coasters, Orlando is an amazing place top have fun!





3. Colorado

For adventure, Colorado is an awesome destination. You can ski, climb, hike, camp, and do all kinds of mountain sports.




4. The capital, Washington D.C

A beautiful and nice city, Washington DC gathers the Capitol, the White House, and a lot more of incredible things to visit. It is definitely the best place to visit with family and to learn about American culture.SumUS4



5. California

For surfing lovers, this is the best destination. Moreover, you will be able to see amazing cities, such as San Francisco!


– by Hugo B.