Thoughts on the Election Outcome

This election was the most raunchy and brutal election that the U.S.A has ever endured. For the United States it showed, very clearly, the divide that this country has amongst its people. Half of the country feels very strongly against Donald Trump, and the other half was very much for Trump, with a mix of other feelings as well. But following the outcome, there have been a multitude of protests of anti-Trump youths and adults who feel that this president elect does not represent them in any way. Whether it is in their beliefs or otherwise, there hasn’t been such an actively anti-president elect movement that many people can think of, as there is right now. In terms of the future of the country, Donald Trump plans to leave NAFTA and end the TPP. He also has shown strong interests in constructing a wall that borders the U.S and Mexico, in an effort to keep, in his own words, “them from us.” He wants to strengthen border security and reinvigorate jobs by pouring more money into the defense budget and into coal and oil industries. Trump also vowed to “drain the swamp,” in our nation’s capital. Meaning that he wants to clean out the lobbyists from politics, and bring on term limits for members of congress, except that he has begun hiring members of his transition team and members of his cabinet, and they are all part of that “swamp” he wanted to drain. The point is that there will no doubt be huge ramifications for not only this country, but for society, because of this election. Going back to the divide within the country, it is more of a manifestation against the language and ideas that Trump made “okay” for people to use. The blatant racism and misogynistic comments and actions that Trump made, have fueled the fury which is boiling over in the country. Some people looked past it, and voted for someone they thought would bring change, while others have stood by their beliefs that the progress which was made in this country shouldn’t be disbanded by hate and distrust.

by Sam P.