The US Elections effect on Afghanistan

afghflagThe Elections will effect on Afghanistan very much, as Donald J. trump in one of his speeches urged that we will destroy Afghanistan or Will builds it amazingly. But on the other hand, Hillary Clinton founder of Promote program in Afghanistan was with many good anticipations and would keep securing more opportunities mostly for the idled castes, Women. Donald Trump who got elected as president of America is not likely to have actions on Afghanistan soon as it was not much discussed between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but still it seems to have a great influence on his career if he takes his first move on Afghanistan. Though, Donald Trump is calling for a complete shutdown for Muslims entering U.S.A but still some of Muslims are optimistic about him.

Donald Trump said:

“With Afghanistan, I want to build our country. You know in Afghanistan, they built a road. At the end of this beautiful road, they built a school. They blow up the school; they blow up the road; we then start all over again. And in New Orleans and in Alabama we can’t build schools. I want to rebuild the United States.”

By Mustafa K.