The US and the UN – a close relationship

bitcoin us1The United States of America and the United Nations has always, since the UN’s creation, been tightly intertwined. The name of the organization was even coined by an American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and many of the congregations of UN leaders including the UN headquarters are located in the United States. Because of this close relationship between the country and international organization, many of the agreements that have been made amongmte1oda0otcxnzcxodu2mzk3st countries have been involving or influenced by the United States and therefore the USA has its fingerprints all over its decisions. For this UN day in particular, the celebration feels bittersweet. Between the mess in Syria and the sexual assault allegations against UN peacekeepers, the confidence and trust that may have once been held with the United Nations has faltered. This is especially apparent in impoverished nations that aren’t feeling the same benefits more developed nations have been seeing. In terms of the most recent developments within the UN that have involved the United States, a plan had been created to plan out how to sustainably develop beyond 2015, considering both impoverished nations in economic and health turmoil, along with the earth and climate change. This plan included halting the spread of HIV/AIDS, and creating a multi-dimensional agenda for sustainable development that technicians all over the world have turned their attention towards. Also included in the plan was getting equality for women all over the world and improving maternal health and child mortality rates.

These are all very worthy causes that must be pursued by every nation, and with haste that has not yet been shown by any.

-by Sam P.