The US and the Brexit

Drapeau USAs the results of the Brexit referendum turned out to be in its favor, the United States’ two political parties reacted very differently. While the Democrats, especially Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were disappointed by these  news, the rRepublicans, such as Donald Trump, welcomed and  were pleased by those e results. . For now, the main preoccupation of the dDemocrats is the stabilizezing the economy to protect the aAmericans, . aAs Clinton said: “ Our first task has to be to make sure that the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in America.” On the other hand, Trump thinks that the Brexit is a good thing for the UK, because it allows them to take back their independence back: “People want to take their country back, they want independence, ” .” and alsoHe additionally believes that the Brexit is goes in follows the same direction as his own campaign: “There were great similarities with what happened here and my campaign,” he said.

Thus, the consequences of the Brexit are for now very unpredictable and it is not plausible yet whether it was a good decision or not. The only sure thing is that it However, it surely brought a lot of economic uncertainty.

by Hugo B.