The role of the media

A media picture in Brazil

The media is present in the lives of almost all people in the world, and can influence us both positively and negatively. Television – the most globalized means – that despite having a more superficial information can help a housewife to do a cake; inform a student...Read More »

The German press

If you have ever walked through a german train station, you will have noticed the huge newsstands with never ending arrays of Newspapers and magazines. With around 330 daily newspapers and an additional 25 weekly editions, Germany is the biggest market of newspapers in europe and the...Read More »

The role of the media in Switzerland

Statistics show that, every day, over 3.4 Million citizen (over 40% of the entire population) read newspapers during their morning routine. And that is only counting the German speaking population of the country! Clearly, the consumption of the daily news plays a big role, and so do other media...Read More »

News coverage in France

Allowing for extensive freedom of speech, France is a country that is concerned by the question of the media. Indeed, everybody remembers that in January 2015, Charlie Hebdo was attacked because it had published provocative drawings and cartoons that fanatics did not appreciate.

Nowadays, the French...Read More »

Media in the US

Media has always been important in the US. Nevertheless in the last two decades, traditional media, such as newspaper or radio, have been overcome by a new type of innovation: social network.
This change is has come hand in hand with the launch of the world wide web....Read More »

The role of the media in Belgium

Like in every country, here in Belgium there are two kinds of people. The ones that have facebook, instagram, twitter… and the ones who don’t. In my group of friends we usually text each other via Messenger (Facebook).

I use Facebook...Read More »