The role of the media in Switzerland

swissflagStatistics show that, every day, over 3.4 Million citizen (over 40% of the entire population) read newspapers during their morning routine. And that is only counting the German speaking population of the country! Clearly, the consumption of the daily news plays a big role, and so do other media such as television, radio, and of course social media. The latter category is steadily increasing its readership, while print media, for example, has been experiencing a decline during the past 5 years.

A great example of political use of media might be the failed attempt of a referendum concerning the federal asylum law in Switzerland. Alarmed by the initial lead of supporters, the opponents managed to successfully launch a national campaign that helped them gain a majority of votes. Using all media platforms, they referred to several weaknesses of the newly proposed amendments. Subsequently,the connectivity that internet offers means an even quicker delivery of important (and not so important) news. Here, again, lies the reason for the decrease in print media. It is not because people have less demands for information, but because they switch from print media to online news portals, blogs – as do you right now! This does not mean that one can have both a journal and an online version of the same article, but it is safe to assume that some people won’t buy the print version because it is inconvenient for them.
– by Mario D.