The rise of extremism in Brazil

BrazilFlagThe attacks in France on November 13, 2015 are a reflection of a global scenario increasingly tense and asymmetrical, where extremism expands between the increasing anomie of international actors and the imbalance on the world stage. In this anarchic, destabilized and tense scenario, extremism track your way and consolidates as a player in the global balance of balance, being necessary to know all its aspects and dimensions.

As everywhere, liberal political parties try to enter the power through elections or coups; in Brazil is no different. But what is affecting the country, is not its national extremism, but a foreigner: the Islamic State (extremist group) is looking for young Brazilians to recruitment.

Brazilian government intelligence sectors detected attempts to youth co-optation in the country by the Islamic State (EI) to act as “lone wolves” – extremists, not to integrate the international lists of terrorists, they are more mobile and are capable of isolated attacks and unpredictable in different countries. The intelligence agencies have been exchanging information and the Civil House took the coordination of internal discussions on the issue in the context of preparations for the 2016 Olympics.

One of the objectives of the reports is to alert President Dilma Rousseff that despite the tranquility far from the Brazilian government, there is a “risk factor” that can not be overlooked. Involved in the discussion say that “the yellow light is on.” The investigations, although Brazil does not have terrorism history, the interest of EI is to expand the spectrum of recruitment of new members, now concentrated in Europe, to South America. European Police have been in Brasilia last month to exchange information with the Brazilian government.

There is great concern especially with the Olympic Games next year. The event will gather in Rio de Janeiro not only young people from all regions of Brazil, but also athletes and visitors worldwide. The evaluation of intelligence agencies is that “the greatest risk to the event today are the demonstrations and strikes, the biggest concern is terrorism.” The subject is treated in confidence by the agencies involved.

– by Djamily R.