The refugees crisis

What is a refugee?

A refugee is one who has fled from his home country without the thought of returning because of his warranted fear of persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

Why is this issue so important today?

Within the last few weeks, Europe has been faced with a huge wave of refugees, coming mainly from Syria. After the photograph of a dead Syrian boy went viral on the Internet not too long ago, the government adopted a welcoming policy towards the migrants; however, there is a clear division regarding these policies, not only in Europe but also across the globe.

Here is how the issue of refugees is handled in different parts of the world:

Refugee crisis: an insight from the US

Since 1975, the United States has welcomed 3 million refugees  from all over the world. The U.S. is rather hospitable to the refugees, especially with its policies helping the new immigrants. Nine U.S. Refugee Resettlement Agencies are helping the refugees settle into local areas, and the...Read More »

Refugee crisis: German views

“I say it again and again; we can manage and we will manage.” A proactive and optimistic statement by German chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the massive flow of refugees streaming into Germany. Since the beginning of 2015 more than 240.000 people have arrived...Read More »

Refugees: a Mexican story

The Mexican people are very welcoming to foreigners from all over the world, generally from Latin America, and it has an interesting story with the refugees.

My personal favorite happened involved the refugees of the Spanish Civil war between 1936 to 1939....Read More »

Mexico and immigration

It may seem like Mexico is exempt from problems concerning refugees, because of the focus of the “Refugee Crisis” on Europe, or even because of the numerous news revolving around the millions of Mexicans illegally reaching the United States. Nevertheless, Mexico is one of the main...Read More »

Refugee crisis: French policies

France has recently elected to accommodate 24,000 refugees over the next two years. But how will the country manage this task, and what is the population’s view?

To begin with, once in France, refugees are received at welcome centers for asylum...Read More »

Refugees in India

As one of the most important economic leaders in South Asia, India has an important role in its treatment of refugees since it sets the example for other countries in the region.

Firstly, India shelters one of the largest amount of refugees in the...Read More »

Refugees in the UK

This is an absolutely massive topic at the moment, with hundreds of Syrians and escapees from the Middle-East emigrating to Europe for a hopeful future. They’re not asking for much, just shelter, basic needs, opportunities and, above all, peace. If I had to...Read More »

Brazil's view on refugees

Now more than ever, the world is closely keeping up with News about refugees’ various destinations during the “Refugee Crisis”, as some countries struggle with the overwhelming amount of emigrants they receive.
Over the past of months, Brazil has been welcoming all immigrants reaching its...Read More »