The new US President – Reactions from around the world

Canadians apologize for Donald Trump?


Panetta, Alexander. “Donald Trump’s Grandfather Ran Canadian Brothel during Gold Rush, Author Says.” CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 19 Sept. 2015. Web.


The day after Donald Trump’s defeat of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was announced, the  Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau spoke...Read More »

German Politicians react to Trump's Election

It was around 8am on November 9th in Germany when it seemed clear that outsider Donald Trump was going to win the U.S. election and become the 45th American president.

The outcome of the election sparked skepticism and concern...Read More »

Reactions from the US Population

As everyone knows, Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States. Although many Americans are pleased by the results, a lot of protests are occurring in the US following the elections. On November 12th, thousands of people gathered in the...Read More »

Germany reacts to Trump's Election

The word most used by German politicians in reaction to Donald Trump’s success is : “shocked.” All but one party expected Hillary Clinton to win.
After congratulating Trump on his victory, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, had another Message for Trump: “Democracy, freedom, respect for the law...Read More »

The US Elections effect on Afghanistan

The Elections will effect on Afghanistan very much, as Donald J. trump in one of his speeches urged that we will destroy Afghanistan or Will builds it amazingly. But on the other hand, Hillary Clinton founder of Promote program in Afghanistan was with many good anticipations and would keep...Read More »