The Natural Threats in Japan

Earthquakes are one of the most horrible disaster in the world. Like many other catastrophes, they destroy people’s life. As my homeland, Japan, has been forever threatened by earthquakes, the Japanese Government has taken action to reduce incurred damages. Here are some of them.

In 1995, Japanese governments announced that it will notify Japanese people as soon as possible if an earthquake occurs. As a result, an observation system collection data from more than 1,000 locations was set up, becoming the most advanced in the world. This program was coupled with warnings broadcasted on TV in case of a quake.

In case of an outbreak, the government is prepared for a quick response, as it claims that there is already 200,000 meals ready to be distributed. Moreover, the government is calling for preparing emergency food at home. In my house, I applied a scattering prevention film to the glass and I installed equipments to minimize damage on the furniture.

In conclusion, the main natural threat in Japan is earthquakes, but Japan is becoming more fit to respond to these disasters every year thanks to thorough preparation.

by Yuma O.