The most popular game in history

bitcoin us1Pokemon Go, launched on July 6th 2016, is now one of the most popular games ever played in history. With more than 100 million downloads, we can definitely say that Niantic has made a gigantic comeback with Pokemon Go. But many people wonder why this game is so popular and why everyone plays it. Well, the main reason is that it is the first ever video game that interacts with real life. In order to play Pokemon Go, people need to get out of their house and walk as much as possible, to catch the most amount of Pokemon possible.

The game is simple. When players first hit level five, they get to choose between three teams: yellow, blue or red, which allow them to fight and take over gyms that are spread around the city. To get more powerful, players have to catch Pokemon, evolve them, hatch eggs, and visit pokestops while walking or running. As players level up their Pokemon, take over more gyms, and earn more pokecoins, they get stronger and stronger, enabling them to win more battles. Pokemon Go’s concept is therefore very simple, but its revolutionary gameplay makes it so popular that everyone, whether they’re 5 or 40, plays it.

-Hugo B.