A Mexican Perspective

 In article 253 from the Mexican Civil Code is defined marriage as the free union and with full contentment between two people, which pretends to create a community in which there is respect between them, equality and mutual help, and take decisions which adjust themselves to their life project, including the possibility of adopting or procreating. Homosexual marriage is a conversation subject that has always caused a lot of polemic. Mexican society is famous for being machist, prejudicious and very religious. That is why homosexuality is usually seen as worst than a murder in a Mexican family: a homosexual represents a great dishonor in the family. Most of gaymexMexican insults and expressions have in them the word (not contextually, but a synonym) homosexual, and it's something that everybody accepts, as a daily and normal thing. Even with this mentality taking over society, there are homosexual groups which have fought against discrimination against homosexual people. That's how, in 2010, was, for the first time in the country, homosexual marriage allowed, but only in the capital, Mexico City. Two years ago, was finally, in just a couple of Mexican states, homosexual marriage allowed. There are even deputy candidates who take this argument for their advantage, saying they approve homosexual marriage, and that they're open minded, under this aspect. Every year, in the main avenue of Mexico City, takes place an enormous demonstration for Gay pride, in which participate homosexuals, bisexuals, transexual and heterosexual people. This is a very good example of how mentalities are changing in Mexico, how people are starting to be more open minded and accepting what other people may or may not like. Although, there are still some groups, like “Soy Gay Varonil”, a group of homosexual men, who don't agree with these demonstrations, and call these people in demonstrations “as only exhibitionists”. Also, a new organization was created, the “Family and Human Development Commission”, which would define what a family is. This sounds like a good idea, except that this would target homosexual marriages, and forbidding them to have any children, for this commission would call it inappropriate. Homosexual marriage is partly achieved in Mexico, but it still has a long way to go, to fight against discrimination, and in order for these marriages to have the same rights as other families (such as adoption), and get everybody's acceptance, if not only respect.
– by Wendy T.