The Ivorian Hero

In Côte d’Ivoire people don’t need much to be happy. Their joy is not coming only from their achievements or their relatives, but some “heroes” contribute to their happiness. Talented people like our most famous artist, DJ Arafat, put happiness in the heart of the nation.

However, since football is very important in the African Community, our biggest hero has to be Didier Drogba, one of the best soccer players in Africa and even in the world. Thanks to his achievements he made people discover our wonderful country.

During the most important football championship of Africa (African cup of nations known as CAN), he accomplished so many wonderful things that he brought hope to our nation. During our last game during the championship on February 8th 2015, the national team brought the cup back to our homeland. Even if Dider Drogba didn’t play, his worthy advice as a big brother to the new players paved the way to victory.

Playing for the clubs Chelsea FC,  Shanghaï Schenhua, Galatasaray and finally in Montréal, this amazing man continues to be our national pride and represents our nation all over the world.

– by Marine M.